Our staff and contact data at a glance.

Department Name Position
General manager Michael Molt Chief Executive Officer
Sascha Wüstenberg Chief Executive Officer
Matthias Singh Chief Executive Officer
Nina Hörnke Executive Assistant / Senior Project Manager
Esther Beißwenger Executive Assistant
Anne Schaub Executive Assistant
Clara Niemeyer Student - Digital Media Marketing
Concept & Implementation Michael Schultz Head
Gerrit Wißdorf Senior Project Manager
Delia Weidmüller Project Manager
Roman Onischke Project Manager
Kevin Wesemann Junior Project Manager
Larissa Jacobs Junior Project Manager
Riccarda Wehner-Meyer Junior Project Manager
Moritz Holzkamp Junior Project Manager
Melissa Wedemeier Junior Project Manager
Karla Pincon Trainee
Angela Goebel Trainee
Security Dirk Hammer Senior Project Manager
Nils Kranhold Project Manager
Thorsten Marten Project Manager
Patrik Klaus Project Manager Festival
Soraya Oehler Junior Project Manager
Hanna Früchtenicht Junior Project Manager
Emma Dege Festival assistant
Janaina De Oliveira Trainee
Eventpersonnel Florian Fordemann Project Manager
Marc Gerecke Senior Project Manager
Nico Apitzsch Senior Crew Chief
Dennie Fransen Project Manager
Eduard Ibach Junior Project Manager
Dennis Grobbel Junior Project Manager
Sandy Heymann Junior Project Manager
Milan Jacobi Junior Project Manager
Ireen Bothmann Trainee
Hallenbetreuung Bruno Heel Senior Manager
Niederlassung Berlin Eliza Lein Office Manager
Tillmann Loth Project Manager
Andreas Eichhorn Disposition / Project Manager
Thu Salbert Administration
Magdalena Poh Trainee
Equipment & Logistics William Kusche Head of Materials
Patrick Strebel
Administration Alwina Merkel Accounting
Michael Scharf Human Ressources
Nele Kranhold Administration
Daniela Kutschick Administration
Lisa Horn Administration
Marie Eckstein Reception

General manager

Michael Molt
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Molt
Work, what else?
Sascha Wüstenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Sascha Wüstenberg
The one that just passed... (because I'm off work then)
Always has a bad mood on Mondays (and some weeks have only mondays)
Matthias Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Matthias Singh
Kanye West (2008), Blink 182 (2010), Kendrick Lamar (2018)
never to reach.
Nina Hörnke
Executive Assistant / Senior Project Manager
Nina Hörnke
Vacation with my loved ones.
Using proverbs that are rarely correct. Often a mixture of several.
Esther Beißwenger
Executive Assistant
Esther Beißwenger
Always the first in the office.
Anne Schaub
Executive Assistant
Anne Schaub
Clara Niemeyer
Student - Digital Media Marketing
Clara Niemeyer

Concept & Implementation

Michael Schultz
Michael Schultz
Each event in its own way
Always in a good mood, communicative, likes to dance at work.
Gerrit  Wißdorf
Senior Project Manager
Gerrit  Wißdorf
My first real tour Plan B / Terry Hoax 1991 , everything was new, very exciting and we were young and wild. Without this experience I would not be, professionally, where I am now.
Good mood and social skills!
Delia Weidmüller
Project Manager
Delia Weidmüller
Favorite event are rather the small concerts, simply a more beautiful atmosphere
Tries to quit smoking every day anew and fails on a daily basis
Roman Onischke
Project Manager
Roman Onischke
2015-2017 (TD) / neu seit 01.10.2021
Festivals and local shows alike, the main thing is music. You always have the feeling of a family reunion - perfect.
always in a good mood
Kevin Wesemann
Junior Project Manager
Kevin Wesemann
No matter which festival, club concert, garden party or Christmas party. Everything has its own character and appeals to me in its own way.
Always eating, fresh air connoisseur
Larissa Jacobs
Junior Project Manager
Larissa Jacobs
Riccarda Wehner-Meyer
Junior Project Manager
Riccarda Wehner-Meyer
From a small club concert to a big event, everything that is rocking brings great joy 😊
Great enthusiasm for everything that has 2 wheels and a motor 😊
Moritz Holzkamp
Junior Project Manager
Moritz Holzkamp
Actually, it's not so important where, but rather what. And there are excellent concerts in every corner, from jazz to punk. The Notwist or Every Time I Die were always highlights in the past.
Collects vinyl records diligently and enjoys road cycling.
Melissa Wedemeier
Junior Project Manager
Melissa Wedemeier
2019 als Ordnerin / 2021 als Azubi
My favorite events are HipHop and RNB concerts of any kind, because there is usually a special and inspiring energy.
A fully packed snack drawer that has saved lunch for one or another.
Karla Pincon
Karla Pincon
A small concert in the heart of Hamburg.
Darling of the massage chair.
Angela Goebel
Angela Goebel
Festivals and concerts of all kinds, but preferably metal/hardcore, because of the great atmosphere.
Sings along to every song.


Dirk Hammer
Senior Project Manager
Dirk Hammer
10/2002-08/2015 / 03/2020
Festivals - it's nice and quiet in the office then
Let others judge, but I grant myself a veto
Nils Kranhold
Project Manager
Nils Kranhold
Thorsten Marten
Project Manager
Thorsten Marten
Soraya Oehler
Junior Project Manager
Soraya Oehler
2016 / 2022
Spektum Festival
Eats the leftovers from Anne
Hanna Früchtenicht
Junior Project Manager
Hanna Früchtenicht
Janaina De Oliveira
Janaina De Oliveira
Carnival, because the most diverse people meet there. The atmosphere is indescribable, everything is really very colorful and the joy of life can be felt.
A good voice, always smiles and loves to party hard (but alcohol-free).


Florian Fordemann
Project Manager
Florian Fordemann
Die Ärzte concerts & The Disco Boys Originals at Mojo! Ärzte and House (preferably the old records) I listen to since I can remember. At the DB at the Mojo I was not yet, but I have firmly planned. Hope they play no Disco Boys records then!
Baseballcap and PayPal
Marc Gerecke
Senior Project Manager
Marc Gerecke
Splash! Und Spektrum
Dennie Fransen
Project Manager
Dennie Fransen
Flevo Festival (no longer existent)
Eduard Ibach
Junior Project Manager
Eduard Ibach
Volkspark Stadion 22 – rollercoaster of emotions.
Always likes to wear cap, can do everything except Standard German
Sandy  Heymann
Junior Project Manager
Sandy  Heymann
Defqon1 and Thunderdome
Has always a good song in stock
Milan Jacobi
Junior Project Manager
Milan Jacobi
Festivals in general, both the planning behind it appeals to me, as well as enjoying the great feeling as a visitor. I also like to visit martial arts events in Hamburg
I always have a bad pun ready.


Bruno Heel
Senior Manager
Bruno Heel

Niederlassung Berlin

Eliza Lein
Office Manager
Eliza Lein
Tillmann Loth
Project Manager
Tillmann Loth
Forest Jump Festival – Line Up, Greatness, Self Realization
Probably talks too much about the own festival
Andreas Eichhorn
Disposition / Project Manager
Andreas Eichhorn
Greenfield, because of the scenery. Otherwise, all events are interesting, because of the different challenges.
HOAC (Standing tribune of the Eisbären), play darts and my sarcasm
Thu Salbert
Thu Salbert
Dishes with rice
Magdalena Poh
Magdalena Poh
Highfield Festival, because it's just the right size or else the most fun size.
Unnecessary film knowledge, likes to laugh and loudly, loves soup.

Equipment & Logistics

William Kusche
Head of Materials
William Kusche
From Rammstein to Disney in Concert, everything that is fun. But preferably with my family on vacation!!!
Always in a good mood. And as a "perfect passenger" :)
Patrick Strebel
Patrick Strebel
Hurricane Festival: because of the variety of different music styles.
Being the only person who doesn't like cheese on pizza.


Michael Scharf
Human Ressources
Michael Scharf
Club concerts at Mojo or Gruenspan
The musical sound system in the department.
Daniela Kutschick
Daniela Kutschick
Hell Nights - Halloween Festival by and with "The Other"
Vampire of the department with pedantic tendencies.
Lisa Horn
Lisa Horn
From small to large concerts, as long as the music is right and good friends are there.
Secret weapon of the department
Marie Eckstein
Marie Eckstein
AFI at the Große Freiheit 36
always snitches the biggest mug and is driven to despair by the printer